Mission Statement
  • To provide a superior living experience at a superior value for our residents;
  • To establish a working environment for our employees which demands honesty, supports the dignity of the individual, encourages professionalism, nurtures innovation and rewards achievement;
  • To develop apartment communities of the highest quality for our investors which maximize value and ensure realization of the investment objective;
  • To maintain standards of conduct which guarantee a reputation in the industry of the highest regard.
JPMorgan Chase has conducted business with Hanover Company for over 15 years. We have found that the principals and employees at Hanover are extremely astute, innovative, and professional. The transactions we have been involved with have ranged from senior construction financing to mezzanine financings to advisory business. Every transaction we have been involved with regarding Hanover has been completed as we and Hanover originally expected. I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Hanover and feel like we approach the process as a team. I consider Hanover as one of the premier developers in the country in the multifamily sector.

Tim Waikem
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase Bank
I think that our relationship with Hanover has endured because we share the same values: a strong commitment to quality multifamily housing, and to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our business dealings.
Millie Cassidy
Sentinel Real Estate Corporation